Children's Jobs

As part of the Every Child Matters programme we have introduced some children's jobs which will enable them to make a positive contribution to our school community.

As in the 'real' world the children had to apply for a job. There is an application form they had to complete and some were invited to interview. The successful applicants earn 'wages' for successfully carrying out their jobs and this takes the form of points which can be redeemable at our shop.

The children can resign from the job at any time but must give their line-manager notice. Vacancies are displayed on the board outside the Community Room with deadline dates. If a child wishes to apply for a vacant job then applications forms are available from the school office or can be downloaded from this page.

To view details of each job click on the links below.
Door Safety Officers
First Aid Assistants
PE Equipment Officers
Head Teacher's Assistants
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