Children's Page
Welcome to the page written for the children of Wyton on the HIll Primary school by some of its own pupils. A small group work each week on creating competitions, interviews and other exciting features which are being changed regularly so keep coming back to see what's new. If there's anything you think would be good for this page, please speak to Mr. Tuxworth or Miss. Watson.
Each week your class teacher will set a question. Write down the answer on a piece of paper and post it in the box in your classroom. Each week all of the answers will be collected and one will be drawn out with the winner getting a prize.
Where do polar bears live ?
Year 1 How many days are there in a week?
Year 2 Name 5 different materials?
Year 3 Name a European countries begin with G?
Year 4 Give one bit of personal information which shouldn't be shown in an online profile?
Year 5 What is 98 – 70?
Year 6 Name 3 different types of crime in Britain?
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Strange but True image
wow The Concorde flew from 1963 to 2003
Cats always land on their feet.
There is a day called Pooh Day on the 18 January!!!

Get to know us
Miss. McFarlane has been interviewed by Lily. Click on her picture to discover facts you never new about her.
Mrs Poulton

Where an earth title
Look at the photograph and try to work out where around the school the picture was taken. The answer will be shown next week.
Where on Earth
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Eyes 2  
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Jokes Title
How do you make seven an even number?      Take the s off!
What dog can jump higher than a building?       Any dog, buildings can't jump!
Why is seven a mean number?       Because seven, eight, nine.
Why is a horse at a wedding?       Because they both need a groom.
1 truth 2 lies
Russia has a larger surface area than Jupiter.
A strawberry is not a berry but a banana is.
Carrots were originally purple.

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Spot the Difference title
Download this week's picture and find the differences.
Sparklers Image
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Wordsearch Click on the picture below to download a copy of this week's wordsearch. Ask before you print!
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